Kate Soper's

Here Be Sirens

A regional premier!


Tickets $25

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Explore the world of the sirens with DIO!

Peitho, Phaino, and Polyxo have been living on this island for as long as they can remember. But now, their home is filling with garbage and flooded by rising waters. Can they break free from their pattern of being unfeeling, mythical creatures to understand their predicament and escape?  Using extended piano techniques performed by the singers themselves, Here Be Sirens “blends beautiful music, terrifying noise, screwball comedy and Aristotelian tragedy” for a one-of-kind musical experience.



Producer/Stage Director: Corinne Denny

Music Director: Jessica Nilles

Assistant Stage Director: Rachel Brady


Peitho: Ekaterina Kotcherguina

Phaino: Cristin Colvin

Polyxo: Chloe Scull

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